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Club Penguin Updates & News!


Cool stuff have been happening to Club Penguin!

The New Club Penguin WEEKLY POLL Survey has been launched, for many have requested/asked for it! Just click on the ‘Weekly Poll’ button, on the Club Penguin homepage to start now! This week’s poll is, “What cool things would you like to see through the binoculars at the Cove?”. Check it out now, CLICK HERE!

Apparently, it turned out that many Club Penguin users were complaining about the surf game’s difficulty and coin/money-making difficulty of the surfing game. That’s the reason why Club Penguin has released a new version of the game called ‘Surf Lesson’! About the coin making, Club Penguin team has stated, that if we want to earn more coins, just try and practice until you succeed and do better…

New Club Penguin Secret Agent HQ Hint!

This is somewhat suspicious because a new television monitor/screen has been added in the Secret Agent Headquarters.  What could this mean? Could this be a sign that a new place or building is coming soon to Club Penguin? Let’s stay tuned & watch out for more information about this issue.


In other News… 

Look’s like there’s gonna be a storm, headed for Club Penguin.  Look through the binoculars on the lifeguard chair in the Cove to see.

Rockhopper Returns!

Rockhopper returns to Club Penguin from his trip! Visit his ship, The Migrator, in the Beach, for more information.

Rockhopper’s Diary


Rockhopper’s Ship Hold Shop - June 22, 2007

Rockhopper’s Rare Items Ship Hold Shop


Captain’s Quarters Sign


In other news…


The information about the new Picnic Basket Pin is now posted on the Hidden Stuff page of this website. Check it out for more information!

The Penguin Times: June 21, 2007

The Penguin Times: June 21, 2007

The Penguin Times is the Club Penguin free official local newspaper. A new one comes out every Thursday.

The Penguin Times – June 21, 2007 (Cover Page)

Summer Sneak Peek June ‘07 Penguin Times

Summer Sneak Peek Poster- Penguin Times, June 21, 2007

Click to Enlarge

Thin Ice Secret – The Penguin Times – June 21, 2007



Important Upcoming Events – The Penguin Times – June 21, 2007









Club Penguin News

Club Penguin News!

Sneak Peek on the Summer Bash 2007 on Club Penguin.

Direct from the Club Penguin Official Developer Blog…

  • A Huge Water Party!
  • Updates and new levels to your favorite games!
  • New Clothing!
  • New Igloos!
  • New Furniture!
  • A New Mission!
  • A Camping Party (a brand new way to experience the outdoors of Club Penguin!)
  • Visits from Captain Rockhopper!
  • And MUCH MORE!!

See Newspapers for more information in the coming days.

That’s all for now!

The Penguin Times: June 14, 2007

The Penguin Times: June 14, 2007

The Penguin Times is the Club Penguin free official local newspaper. A new one comes out every Thursday.



Penguin Times - June 14, 2007: Interior Design Article

Interior Design Article: Bring the Beach Home

Click to Enlarge







Summer Fun!

The Green Inflatable Duck

The Cove (on water feature)

The Flower Headdress

The Beach (near mini snowcastle)

Pair of Sunglasses

The Night Club, Town

 Blue Lei

 The Ski Village (near “Winter Sports” clothing shop)