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Welcome Club Penguins’ newest army, the Red Hulas Guild!

What a party! or should I say …WHAT A DANCE-OFF WAR!!!

First Red Hulas’ war… 

In the U.K. Flag’s “Deep Freeze” server, around Club Penguin Time: 2:30 am, a dance-off war party was set during that early morning. It was between the Red Hulas Guild(us) & the Cove Divers Army. It was not an ordinary war, the only normal thing in CP wars there wascompeting into who can get more penguins to join us. BUT, this was not the classic “Snowball Fight” type of war, It was by the use of…DANCING!. Lucky Hulas, more penguins were joining us, so the Cove Divers’ Army didn’t get a chance… Ü …from teh start, we were already more than 20 penguins, plus now the penguins who joined the war is about 30+, so we should be around 50+ penguins in the Red Hulas Guild. Some of the participants from our team were Ego2000, Pedepartment, Tamahly, Lush Gem(?), Silver54321, Palmrtree, Sazmo, etc. If we keep up with this kind of job, then it is set-off! We shall establish a new Club Penguin Army, the Red Hulas Guild! We shall battle against small armies, then target the bigger ones if we get larger too. This shall be the mark of a new beginning! Ü

Red Hulas’ Milestones… 

One Response

  1. Hey! I was there at the Cove too…I was one of the red hula dancers! I wish we could do that again!!!…….

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