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Rockhopper’s Key on Club Penguin

April 28, 2008 – The key to Captain Rockhopper’s Quarters is now hidden in Club Penguin. Besides the hunt, there is also a NEW ‘Treasure Hunt’ GAME in the Captain’s Quarters and more pin secrets!


…by following these simple steps…

STEP 1: Go to the Coffee Shop and Click on the ‘Tales and Stories’ icon found at the bottom right-hand corner of the game screen

STEP 2: Click on the book entitled “The Journal of Captain Rockhopper” found on the bottom right corner of the bookshelves

STEP 3: On the very last page of Rockhopper’s Journal, Rockhopper’s Key to his Captain Quarters is there. Click on it to retrieve it.

You may now enter the Captain’s Quarters while wearing the key as a pin… ENJOY! 🙂

Club Penguin Mission 7 “Clockwork Repairs” Walkthrough

1. Click on Gary and choose whichever you want to say.

2. Click on the monitor that shows the snow forts.

3. As Herbert and his crab breaks the clock, click out of that monitor then see what Gary says again.

4. Go over to the three boxes on top of each other, you need a code to get in. (See the lock by clicking on the box.)

5. Go to Gary and say you need the Electro Magnet 3000. Come back to the box and put in this code (which means ‘key’):

6. Put the Electro Magnet 3000 inside your bag/inventory.

7. Get the ‘Inner Tube’ at the Gadget Room

8. Come to the Iceberg then use your magnet to get a spring from the water.

9. Go to the Beach and acquire the bucket of sand.

10. Come to town and talk to the penguin wearing a cap.

11. Click on the option that says ‘you’ve been looking for a picture of gear’.

12. Come to the dock and talk to the penguins and then play the snowball game by shooting at the target right.

13. Give up your ‘inner tube’ as a replacement.

14. Come to the Snow Forts and fill the bucket with snow from there.

15. Come to the Pizza Parlor at the Plaza to receive the Music Sheet at the piano.

16. Come up to the stage then put the musical notes on the piano. Choose the correct notes as you put them on the stand.

17. Give up the picture of a gear and the bucket of snow to the puffle.

18. Bring the gear to the Gadget Room and put the snow crank in the test chamber then pull the lever.

19. Push on the Snow button to freeze it.

20. Next, put the spring in then press the Fire button now.

21. Come to the snow forts to fix the clock tower back together again.

22. See the penguins’ words. Receive the Medal and a Gift… 🙂

Iceberg Tip and Village-Themed Igloo


April 27, 2007 | U.S. Server: Iceberg

Instead of the classic Party, Fashion Show, etc., we have attempted to create our first Village-themed igloo which fortunately, came out successful! 🙂

Thanks to all the penguins who became good friends with each other and part of this groundbreaking event!

Special mention to the following penguins: Ninjamoo22, Bluelava6, Qawz99, Humi Ham, Mrbob Marley, Pinkpiecesso, Pm731997, Times 3 and all those who came and supported ’til the end..

Qawz99 even awarded our village a ‘Cutest Village’ medal and supported the village with other penguins.

Here are some other screen caps from the event:

April 22, 2008 | U.S. Server: Iceberg

..Tip Tip Tip..

Welcome Back Rockhopper & Yarr and the New Pin!

Welcome Back Rockhopper and Yarr!

April 25, 2008 – Rockhopper and his puffle, Yarr, has arrived on the snowy shores of Club Penguin. They brought with them some treasures and has converted Club Penguin into a pirate’s treasure map.

Click on the speedboat with the pots in it or the ‘free shirts’ barrel at the Beach to retrieve the merchandise they have brought here and the FREE RED AND BLACK SAILOR SHIRT!

Free Red and Black Sailor Shirt

Rare Flower Pot

There are also FREE SAILOR HATS at the Plaza! We think that it was the one that they gave out during another Rockhopper arrival last time.

To get the new Treasure Chest pin at the Ski Village, follow these simple steps:

1st Step: Hover or put your mouse pointer on the Red ‘X’ spot

2nd Step: Wait and see while the shovel digs out

3rd Step: the pin is thrown out from the hole then click on it to get it

Broken Clock Tower and the Flare Flinger

The Broken Clock Tower

The Clock Tower is still broken…What could have caused this? Vote at the Penguin Poll on the Community page of the Club Penguin website!

The Flare Flinger 3000

The Flare Flinger 3000 is set up at the beach for us to support in contacting Rockhopper. Click on the box and the flares will fly up to the sky like fireworks. These will give Rockhopper signs to arrive soon on Club Penguin.

New Stuff on Club Penguin!

New Club Penguin Home Page

The New Club Penguin Website Home Page

April 14, 2008 – The Club Penguin Improvement Project’s first phase has come to an end, according to BillyBob, those penguins who have supported and helped in the phase would be given SPECIAL REWARDS! Although there is no given specific time or date, he stated that these rewards will be delivered when ‘new features’ are up in the game.

To all the penguins who have supported this phase of the project and has given their respective feedbacks, we congratulate them!

The revamped look of the website sure is cool! By the way, check out the ‘Community‘ page for the fun stuff, the fan art, the poll and more! New and faster servers are up too! Be sure to check them out.

April 18, 2008 – The brand new IGLOO with a BACKYARD is now available! There are many cool stuff to buy just for your very own ‘bbq’ backyard! There’s ornaments, plantations, fences and many other outdoorsy stuff! Check them out in the furniture catalog.

Get ready to par-tay and be sure not to miss the Arrival Party for Rockhopper and Yarr! The party starts on April 25 (Friday) until April 28 (Monday)!