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New Stuff on Club Penguin!

New Club Penguin Home Page

The New Club Penguin Website Home Page

April 14, 2008 – The Club Penguin Improvement Project’s first phase has come to an end, according to BillyBob, those penguins who have supported and helped in the phase would be given SPECIAL REWARDS! Although there is no given specific time or date, he stated that these rewards will be delivered when ‘new features’ are up in the game.

To all the penguins who have supported this phase of the project and has given their respective feedbacks, we congratulate them!

The revamped look of the website sure is cool! By the way, check out the ‘Community‘ page for the fun stuff, the fan art, the poll and more! New and faster servers are up too! Be sure to check them out.

April 18, 2008 – The brand new IGLOO with a BACKYARD is now available! There are many cool stuff to buy just for your very own ‘bbq’ backyard! There’s ornaments, plantations, fences and many other outdoorsy stuff! Check them out in the furniture catalog.

Get ready to par-tay and be sure not to miss the Arrival Party for Rockhopper and Yarr! The party starts on April 25 (Friday) until April 28 (Monday)!