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Club Penguin Mission 7 “Clockwork Repairs” Walkthrough

1. Click on Gary and choose whichever you want to say.

2. Click on the monitor that shows the snow forts.

3. As Herbert and his crab breaks the clock, click out of that monitor then see what Gary says again.

4. Go over to the three boxes on top of each other, you need a code to get in. (See the lock by clicking on the box.)

5. Go to Gary and say you need the Electro Magnet 3000. Come back to the box and put in this code (which means ‘key’):

6. Put the Electro Magnet 3000 inside your bag/inventory.

7. Get the ‘Inner Tube’ at the Gadget Room

8. Come to the Iceberg then use your magnet to get a spring from the water.

9. Go to the Beach and acquire the bucket of sand.

10. Come to town and talk to the penguin wearing a cap.

11. Click on the option that says ‘you’ve been looking for a picture of gear’.

12. Come to the dock and talk to the penguins and then play the snowball game by shooting at the target right.

13. Give up your ‘inner tube’ as a replacement.

14. Come to the Snow Forts and fill the bucket with snow from there.

15. Come to the Pizza Parlor at the Plaza to receive the Music Sheet at the piano.

16. Come up to the stage then put the musical notes on the piano. Choose the correct notes as you put them on the stand.

17. Give up the picture of a gear and the bucket of snow to the puffle.

18. Bring the gear to the Gadget Room and put the snow crank in the test chamber then pull the lever.

19. Push on the Snow button to freeze it.

20. Next, put the spring in then press the Fire button now.

21. Come to the snow forts to fix the clock tower back together again.

22. See the penguins’ words. Receive the Medal and a Gift… 🙂

37 Responses

  1. thanks for the tut!!`

  2. too hard

  3. Don’t worry guypie, you’ll get it right! Just keep on trying!

    – purkiefy Ü

  4. thanksss..i just finished it

  5. Nice choice of song: Dragonforce, Through the Fire and the Flames!

  6. thanks for the help

  7. thanks A BUNCH!!!! Finally passed

  8. thanks this really helped as im BAD at missions!!

  9. Owned the mission… thanks.

  10. tnnx.i already finish all the missions!

  11. thans ive done everything but the thing you have to do to get th post back is HARD


  13. whats ya password black cereal sned it to me on lulah999@hotmail.co.uk

  14. thanx! i finished all the missions and helped my friend finish them too

  15. the 4 facts about the springs what 3 boxes???

  16. it was rele gd thank u

  17. thanks for helping, from this I finished all the missions until now.

  18. great walkthrough but i carn’t find the ‘inner tube’

  19. Where do you get the gear from?

  20. Wow. It is hard, and it is making me mad. Why Cant I Ever Hit the Freaking Target!!!!

  21. thanks i have already passed it before but i forgot how

  22. i cant get on the stage

  23. In step four, what 3 boxes are they talking about? This is so confusing, I’m just going to use a different website to find what to do. Nice try but maybe you should modify your instructions and make them more specific.

    Thanks for trying,

  24. cant find the tube but thnx

  25. tnx so much !

  26. these steps didnt help me cuz i could not find the 3 boxes otherwise the steps were cool

  27. Whats the inner tube?
    if you reply give me your penguin name and ill send u all my clothes!!!

  28. Orange puffles coming out tomorrow in Club Penguin. Can’t wait to get one.

  29. sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo weird…..well i don`t like the walkthrough

  30. it doesnt work they challenge me to this snowball target challenge instead


  32. thanx!! ive done all the missions!!!!!

  33. umm i picked up the music notes and i cant put them on the piano 😦

  34. the order you play the piano notes in is: purple white purple green blue green blue pink green blue purple red

  35. Finished the mission.. finally after all this time…

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