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Club Penguin Times: May 8, 2008

May 8, 2008 – The Medieval-themed Party is now being planned and prepared for May 16th (Friday). Can’t wait! Here are some excerpts from the newspaper.

The Book Room writing competition is now over. Snowball Press thanks to the contributors and their submissions. We’ll keep you updated on the winners and their respective award-winning works.

Events posted on this Newspaper (all Fridays):

May 9th

  • the ’12th Fish’ play will be having its stage encore
  • a New Pin will be hidden (Keep Checking here for updates!)

May 16th

  • the Medieval-themed Party will be held from this day until the 21st (Wednesday)

May 23rd

  • there will be new Furniture catalogs for both igloo and puffle
  • another New Pin will be hidden!

8 Responses

  1. im sooooooooo exited about the party!!!!111

  2. where is the holy grail pin thing?

  3. i wish i could win in conetst

  4. I also enetered!

  5. comusta!ang sarap ko ne brekfast

  6. hello in filipino my real name is britney from asia

  7. This website rocks. It has helped us out so much. We love this website because now we can do more things on Club Penguin. Keep up the great work!

    Black Cereal:
    Thanks a lot! We appreciate your expression of appreciation, encouragement and gratitude. Come back from time to time for more updates on CP. 🙂

  8. try to keep things updated. You have halloween and x-mas when it is the begining of june.

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