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    The head administrators of Club Penguin Asia uses the accounts, Black Cereal , Purkiefy and Tamahly. Usually in the servers Summit & Mammoth

    If you want to meet with any of us on Club Penguin, you may ask for my (black cereal) aim addy, comment on any post or send an e-mail to clubpenguinasia@hotmail.com
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    [mɐˈbuːhaɪ] (mah-BOO-high)

    a Tagalog (one of the official languages of the Philippines, together with English) greeting which literally means "long live" but mainly used as, "hello" or "welcome". It is a sign and greeting of the hospitality and welcomeness of the Filipino people.
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Club Penguin

Club Penguin - Waddle around and meet new friends!

If you don’t really know what Club Penguin is by now, it is a multi-player online game run on Adobe Flash. We can proudly say that it is child safe because it is purely advertisement-free. It was created by the folks at New Horizon Interactive of Canada and then bought by the Walt Disney company.

Players use animated penguins as avatars in a snow-covered world wherein they can waddle around, play mini-games and chat with other users around the globe. Another good thing about it (but negative to others) is its bad language, numbers and (some) signs ban which helps in avoidance of sharing personal information to others/strangers. Obviously, we do recommend this site to parents and kids alike for safe and good fun.

the Website

Club Penguin Asia is a unique Global Club Penguin website & community, direct from Asia, dedicated to Club Penguin users (members/non-members) from the countries of Asia, serving ‘Penguins’ around the globe with the latest cheats, hints, news, updates and secrets, related to Club Penguin. Our purpose and goal is to expand the knowledge and inform users in relation to the game and its broad subjects.

the Administration & Staff

Club Penguin Asia is currently managed by 3 administrators and 2 part-time staff. Our ‘Contact Us’ service is directly handled by the administrators themselves. These are our penguin names in Club Penguin: Tamahly, Shangrilla and Black Cereal (purkiefy). We are in no way connected or directly part of Club Penguin. WE ARE ACCEPTING STAFF, EDITORS & CONTRIBUTORS for Club Penguin Asia, PLEASE SEE WEBSITE RECRUITMENT PAGE.

Link to Us

Club Penguin Cheats, Updates, News and Glitches

Copy the code below and paste it to your site/blog (could be on your sidebar, posts or pages):

<a href=”https://clubpenguinasia.wordpress.com”><img src=”http://i104.photobucket.com/albums/m163/jellybean1494/cp-advert-banner.gif&#8221; border=”0″ alt=”Club Penguin Cheats, Updates, News and Glitches” /></a>

Disclaimer Notice

Most content used/posted on this website are copyrighted materials and properties of Club Penguin Asia® and Club Penguin Entertainment Inc. (a subsidiary of the Disney Company). Proper expression of permission and credit must be given to this website and its authors/administrators prior to usage or publishment of the content on Club Penguin Asia, granted by the administrators/authors of this blog/site.

In accordance to the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA), if it is verified and proved that you have copied, stole, published or used copyrighted content from Club Penguin Asia, your blog/site will be reported for suspension/shut down immediately.

As of June 11, 2008 (Wednesday), we have had 1 (one) blog/site suspended for violation of the WordPress Terms of Service and our Copyright Rules.

We are currently not affiliated directly with Club Penguin nor Disney and do not intend copyright infringement. For any inquiries or suggestions, feel free to contact this site’s administration in the ‘Contact Us’ section.

All Rights Reserved © Club Penguin Asia 2008 | Other Images from Club Penguin Entertainment Inc. (a subsidiary of the Disney Company)

Contact Us | Feedback

We’d love to hear from you! For any private or personal thoughts/comments/reactions, suggestions, or inquiries/questions, please do not hesitate to inform us!

E-Mail: Click Here

30 Responses

  1. I reckon the site is a blast to the future! Good Luck!

    Tita Ella

  2. hey Tamahly!!

  3. Hi too to you Timothy! Ü

  4. Hey! This is a cool site! Way to go!

  5. way to cool!!!club penguin asia rules!!! =)


  6. Yay Asian People! I’m asian.

  7. Hey Purkiefy! Remember when you emailed me about the deal? Well when are we going to make the domain?

  8. Even Canada loves Club Penguin!! Woo Hoo!! 🙂

    Tito Sel

  9. Spiderpig and Jalen loves Club Penguin!!


  10. THX I added you : D You are really a great site!

  11. can u add me 2 ur blogroll?!
    ~Dexter Y~

  12. ill add u now

  13. i added u now

  14. what is your site btw? LoL~! you didnt even indicate it~!



    Hehe…Arrange ka po ng meet. Anytime basta nka-online kami 🙂

  16. This site is AMAZING!

  17. i hope that your website will never be forgotten
    🙂 😦 if it was that would be a disaster

  18. rock on =))) i totaly agree with megan

  19. Hey Peepz.
    Im a filipino too!

    Add mu naman ung other peng ko!
    Time: 5:00 pm Philippines Time
    When? Friday
    Add mu si Buday2 !! (My other peng)

    In english translation:

    Hey Peepz.
    Im a filipino too!

    Add my other penguin!
    Time: 5:00 pm philippines time
    When? Friday
    Add my other penguin named buday2!

  20. L0L…cgeh…when poh pasok mo, dexter? 🙂 Sa Monday na ‘ko

  21. pasukan na namin!!!

    English Translation:

    School already started!!!

  22. im a Filipino too

  23. club asia penguin???

  24. pinoy ako filipino ako pa add

  25. ano servers ka??

  26. hey like ur site!! im gonna add u to my blogroll 🙂 visit my site sometime 2 and tell me wat u think! cya!

  27. hello poh pinay po ako ,,,gusto ko lang malaman kung pwedekaya mag pilipino language sa club penguin..random po server ko ,arawpo ,random rin po ,oras random ,
    in english translation: hello im a pinay (that means a girl filipino)i just wanted to know if i can speak tagalog languaage in club penguin..my time :random day:random server : random so thank for reading 🙂

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