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Hidden Pins and Places

Aqua Grabber Pin:

You Win Pin

You may acquire this pin when you succeed in Aqua Grabber (located in the Iceberg)

Latest Pin:

The Tree Pin

Location: Dojo Courtyard

Older Pins:

The Chocolate Bunny Pin

Location: Forest

The Chocolate Ice Cream Pin

Location: Forest

The Anvil Pin

Location: Boiler Room

The Golden Goblet Pin

Location: the Coffee Shop (Town)

the Pyramid Pin

Location: Library (2nd floor of the Coffee Shop)

the Picnic Basket Pin

Location: Ski Lodge

the Surf Board Pin

Location: Lighthouse Beacon

the Starfish Pin

Location: Mine

Hidden Locations:

Yellow box: Mine Shack (entrance to underground places)

Red box: Dojo

Blue box: Iceberg

Nightclub speaker: Entrance to the Boiler Room

Plaza Manhole: Entrance to the Cave (Pool)

20 Responses

  1. this website is boss i m have first comment

  2. yo put some more cheats on your site.

  3. no not that my 15 brother said that srry cross it out plz??? oh yea can you tell me how to become a moderator??????

  4. COOL WEBSITE !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Iv been a member for 5 years on club penguin and I have still not found out why I still go on club penguin
    Iv had 8 penguins that were members in 5 years Iv finally found out the point of club penguin its just a game or watever…and I wanna tell whoever reads this u can really say hell on club penguin …!!!!!!!!!:)


    LoL~! Ü

  6. I have 10 webkinz and there all stupid dont buy webkinz
    get club penguin its a hole lot of fun you can explore and play games get money and design your house and buy stuff for your penguin the only stupid thing about club penguin is that yo have to pay to do all that fun stuff you have to be a member too doall that stuff but you can still go on and try it out and see how it is I bet you that when you go on yuor gonna be like im so being a member and you gee to be a member to buy any color puffle you want but however…you have to pay to get alll the cool colors of the puffles you can still buy a blue or red puffle if your not a member they only cost $800!!!!awsome dudes



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  8. i cant wait to play aqua grabber so i can get the pin

  9. Dude Sexy chick wrote sooo much!!!!! I and i must say webkinz are pretty cool but they get boring after a while! I love club penguin!!!!!!! It’s way better! And anyways wat type of name is SEXY CHICK? Maybe ur not even a GIRL!!


  10. there old lol im 25 and ifv got penguins ha ha

  11. So thats how i got that dang pin i never knew!!!!!
    Weird huh?

  12. I ❤ UR WEBSITE! PLEASE TELL ME UR PASSWORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Hey guys! New pin at dojo! Ps. It’s a tree! Luv u guys! u guys r awsome!

  14. pls put the date and day when the pin is going to be gone.

  15. i dont see anything in the places your lying

  16. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  17. Sounds very cool. Do you feel the new orange puffles are sweet?

  18. stuip idit eat my butt

  19. i have my own cheat website but not as good as this my website is clubpenguinglitcher.webs.com

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