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    The head administrators of Club Penguin Asia uses the accounts, Black Cereal , Purkiefy and Tamahly. Usually in the servers Summit & Mammoth

    If you want to meet with any of us on Club Penguin, you may ask for my (black cereal) aim addy, comment on any post or send an e-mail to clubpenguinasia@hotmail.com
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  • Mabuhay!

    [mɐˈbuːhaɪ] (mah-BOO-high)

    a Tagalog (one of the official languages of the Philippines, together with English) greeting which literally means "long live" but mainly used as, "hello" or "welcome". It is a sign and greeting of the hospitality and welcomeness of the Filipino people.
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On this page, you may ask all us of your questions regarding Club Penguin, Club Penguin Asia, our penguins, about us and the like.

Questions will be moderated and only appropriate questions will be entertained. So comment all your questions on this page and we’ll try to answer them as soon as we read/moderate them.

Enjoy~! 😀

~ Black Cereal ^_^

23 Responses

  1. What is your aim addy? What is it?

  2. Can you pls tell me how to get a rainbow puffle as soon as possible?

  3. Are you guys Filipino?Do you live in the Philippines?

  4. What servers do u go online?
    Lets meet Im Asian too

  5. =( Hope you guys start updating this website soon. It helped a lot!

  6. how do you get infinite coins?

  7. OMG! I MISSED U GUYS SO MUCH! I THOUGH U GUYS JUST STOPED BLOGGING BECAUSE OF SCHOOL OR SOMETHING! BUT U GUYS R BACK! THX SOOOOOOOO MUCH! oh yeah….. haha….. can u guys meet me in cp sometime? i think i erased u black cereal. i didnt mean to though hahaha

  8. do any of u guys have an aim? what is it? mine is NikkiBasas btw! U guys rock!

  9. Do you guys still check your club penguin asia e-mail, clubpenguinasia@hotmail.com?

  10. Could I meet with you guys sometime? I met with you once, but I think I erased you. I didn’t mean to though. Lol! I’m Filipino too, but I live in the U.S. Soo, when do you wanna meet? I think it would be a little easier to have the time and day in penguin standard time so it wouldn’t be so confusing. I’m free on the weekends, but im usually not sure if I am going somewhere, and on the weekdays, I’m free 4:00- about 6:00.

  11. P.S. Right now in the U.S, it’s 1:18 pm Saturday 4/25/09. Haha!

  12. Did something happen again? I hope not. I hope you guys are still updating this website. Cus you havent been posting

  13. =( Yeah, I’m guessing something happened. I hope you get the site back soon! =) Good Luck btw! =)

  14. ehhmmmm

    which part of the philipines you are?

    me? palawan!!!

    also please, if you want me to meet in cp here is mine:
    (if you see this, please add urgently)

    christine 5
    emo penguin1

    ice cold(because i’ve got my bff there^^)
    location in cp:
    iceberg!!(i always wanted to tip it^^)
    so we can hangout


  15. uh hi how do you win the ocean water game i cant get past it

  16. Hey =) This is Nikki, I’ve been posting on this site when I was like 2 years younger haha. I know you’re not posting, but if you ever see this, then I appreciate the help you did. I actually still go on Club Penguin haha. Currently, I’m only 13 years old. Haha. But still, thanks soo much. =)

  17. Hi !! Wow , I’ve been a “member” on this site for so long :p Yes, I am now aware that there is no such thing as a rainbow puffle, haha. I posted that so incredibly long ago. The way I talked on the Internet a ling time ago seemed so serious! haha. But oh well , I guess I ‘ll always remember my days of CP :]

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