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Club Penguin Times: June 6, 2008 and New Hidden Pin

The Issue #138 of Club Penguin Times has been released yesterday. The Summer Kick Off Party is scheduled for June 13th (Friday) until June 17th (Tuesday). You can’t afford to miss it! I bet the new free item is another rubber ducky floater (either a green one or a blue one).

There will also be a new play at the Stage to be released on June 13th (Friday) in line with the launching of the 2008 Summer Water Party. The hint was ‘A play of prehistoric proportions’, I bet it has some kind of time machine flux capacitor thing! 😛

Here are the Upcoming Events for the upcoming weeks:

  • June 6 – New Clothing Catalog & New Pin Hidden
  • June 13 – Water Party Launch & New Stage Play
  • June 20 – New Furniture Catalog, New Igloo Catalog & New Pin Hidden
  • June 27 – New Sports Catalog

The new pin hidden today, the ‘Chocolate Ice Cream’ pin, is located on one of the trees in the Forest.

~ Black Cereal Ü

New Pin – Anvil Pin and New Free Item – Wizard Hat

A new pin is hidden on Club Penguin! Check out the ‘Anvil Maker 3000’. It is located in the Boiler Room (can be accessed by the Nightclub’s speaker or the Mine). 🙂 the CP team sure likes the number ‘3000’ (from the Flare Flinger 3000 ~LoL).

Here is an animation:

The pin can be retrieved by hovering your mouse pointer over the pot of iron. Wait while the Anvil Maker works it out. Then click on the finished product! You now have the Anvil Pin! 🙂

There is also a new item for the Medieval Party extension! It’s a Wizard Hat which can be found in the Lighthouse.

New ‘Golden Goblet’ Pin and ’12th Fish’ Encore

There is a new pin hidden in Club Penguin, the ‘Golden Goblet’ pin. It is located in the Coffee Shop in Town.

The encore presentation for the ‘Twelfth Fish’ is now showing at the Stage. Check it out~!

– shangrilla

Club Penguin Times: May 8, 2008

May 8, 2008 – The Medieval-themed Party is now being planned and prepared for May 16th (Friday). Can’t wait! Here are some excerpts from the newspaper.

The Book Room writing competition is now over. Snowball Press thanks to the contributors and their submissions. We’ll keep you updated on the winners and their respective award-winning works.

Events posted on this Newspaper (all Fridays):

May 9th

  • the ’12th Fish’ play will be having its stage encore
  • a New Pin will be hidden (Keep Checking here for updates!)

May 16th

  • the Medieval-themed Party will be held from this day until the 21st (Wednesday)

May 23rd

  • there will be new Furniture catalogs for both igloo and puffle
  • another New Pin will be hidden!

Rockhopper’s Key on Club Penguin

April 28, 2008 – The key to Captain Rockhopper’s Quarters is now hidden in Club Penguin. Besides the hunt, there is also a NEW ‘Treasure Hunt’ GAME in the Captain’s Quarters and more pin secrets!


…by following these simple steps…

STEP 1: Go to the Coffee Shop and Click on the ‘Tales and Stories’ icon found at the bottom right-hand corner of the game screen

STEP 2: Click on the book entitled “The Journal of Captain Rockhopper” found on the bottom right corner of the bookshelves

STEP 3: On the very last page of Rockhopper’s Journal, Rockhopper’s Key to his Captain Quarters is there. Click on it to retrieve it.

You may now enter the Captain’s Quarters while wearing the key as a pin… ENJOY! 🙂

Welcome Back Rockhopper & Yarr and the New Pin!

Welcome Back Rockhopper and Yarr!

April 25, 2008 – Rockhopper and his puffle, Yarr, has arrived on the snowy shores of Club Penguin. They brought with them some treasures and has converted Club Penguin into a pirate’s treasure map.

Click on the speedboat with the pots in it or the ‘free shirts’ barrel at the Beach to retrieve the merchandise they have brought here and the FREE RED AND BLACK SAILOR SHIRT!

Free Red and Black Sailor Shirt

Rare Flower Pot

There are also FREE SAILOR HATS at the Plaza! We think that it was the one that they gave out during another Rockhopper arrival last time.

To get the new Treasure Chest pin at the Ski Village, follow these simple steps:

1st Step: Hover or put your mouse pointer on the Red ‘X’ spot

2nd Step: Wait and see while the shovel digs out

3rd Step: the pin is thrown out from the hole then click on it to get it

Welcome 2008!


As this is our first post in the year 2008 (and in ages!), we welcome the year with pride. The penguins are waddling to Asia soon…presenting the official Club Penguin ASIA (currently under construction).

Check it out at http://www.clubpenguinasia.com/!

We will be providing you with the latest updates until the site is officially up.

In Club Penguin…

Shovel pin

The New Shovel Pin

– purkiefy