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Club Penguin Asia’s Big Comeback + Earth Day

Club Penguin Asia has been inactive for almost one year because of certain time constraints with the administrators. We had a taste of reality too long that we missed posting on this site so much! LOL.

Club Penguin Asia

Club Penguin Asia

So now, we have decided to REVIVE this very site you loved , still informative and entertaining! We shall be posting (like as always) entries regarding CLUB PENGUIN and all other cool stuff concerning us users. 😀

I, personally, would like to ask pardon of our inactiveness, leaving CPA behind and, at the same time, give my deepest thanks to all those loyal & avid supporters who came here every now and then, for the past 10 months, to check on the site. 🙂

Earth Day - Aprill 22, 2009

Earth Day - Aprill 22, 2009

Coincidentally, today is also a special day to celebrate: it’s EarthDay! I myself support projects and advocacies concerning the environment so I would like to take the opportunity to make everyone aware about the issues of Mother Earth, specifically, Global Warming/Climate Change.

Today, we felt the effects of Climate Change here in the Philippines. Rain poured so much that it was observed as abnormal during this time of the year because we’re in the middle of the summer season and rains/storms usually occur during the months of June and July.

For kids here in South-East Asia, we could address our concerns with the environment by joining the Essay Writing Competition: a project of Nickelodeon’s Big Green Help Asia.

Nickelodeons Big Green Help logo

Nickelodeon's Big Green Help

Share your opinions on environmental issues and you may just win a chance to represent your country at the United Nations Environment Programme 2009 International Children’s Conference on the Environment in South Korea.

The United Nations Environment Programme, in cooperation with the UNEP National Committee for the Republic of Korea, will be hosting the 2009 Tunza International Children’s Conference on the Environment in Daejeon, Korea from 17-21 August 2009. The Conference, with the theme ‘Climate Change: Our Challenge’ will bring together about 400 participants, aged 10 to 14, from over 100 countries.

For more info on joining, visit this link: http://www.nicksplat.com/sites/biggreenhelp/essay.html

Anyway, here’s some fun stuff to do online in celebration of EarthDay:

Big Green Help’s Global Challenge Tracker

Earth Day Games

And very simple things you can do to save the planet and stop global warming:

TFK Tips to Stop Global Warming

I ♥ Earth

Happy EarthDay!

~ BlackCereal ^_^