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    If you want to meet with any of us on Club Penguin, you may ask for my (black cereal) aim addy, comment on any post or send an e-mail to clubpenguinasia@hotmail.com
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Website Recruitment Centre

Club Penguin Asia is now accepting applicants for STAFF, EDITORS and CONTRIBUTORS for website maintenance and activities. Here are the qualifications & some advantage for you to join our web team:


1. Of course, must be a registered user of Club Penguin;

2. Must be at least or nearly 10 years of age;

3. Must be active in Club Penguin & have access to the internet at least once a week;

4. Preferably has access to a member accountIF NONE, then you must always be updated to the latest happenings, events or anything new in the whole of Club Penguin, both worlds of the members & non-members;

5. Must not be affiliated in any other Club Penguin websites/fansites (may be considered :);

6. Must be Trustworthy & Loyal


1. Always invited to Club Penguin Asia parties & events.

2. You yourself has access to the latest, newest & the best of Club Penguin happenings, news, cheats, spoilers, walkthroughs, etc.

3. Credit & Fame. 8)

4. Become the best of buddies with us ^_^

5. Have lots of fun and more!


1. Contributor (first/default position upon application approval)

2. (promoted to) Author

3. (highest possible position) Editor

4. Only Black Cereal and Tamahly are/can be Administrators (Owners)

For more information, please visit WordPress Standard Roles & Capabilities


Only all of the hereby posted rules apply, there are no other requirements than these. If you qualify, you may e-mail us at clubpenguinasia@hotmail.com, with the subject, “CPA Recruitment”. If you have been selected, we shall e-mail you back saying you have been selected, after that, you are now a proud staff member of Club Penguin Asia.


e-mail us: clubpenguinasia@hotmail.com

subject: “CPA Recruitment”

send us the following:

Your penguin name(s), member/non-member (each if multiple), your age, full screenshot of your penguin player card(s)

Best Regards from the team!

15 Responses

  1. Hey tamahly, do we need to be from Asia when we want to aply here?…

  2. Actually purkiefy, the answer is NO. You do not really need to be in an Asian country or even an Asian yourself. Everyone, from any place or continent, may apply to be in our staff/administration.
    Applications are still open! If you qualify, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at Click Here …See the ‘Website Recruitment Centre’ page, for more information. Thanks for your continued support!
    Until then!
    Waddle On!

  3. Yay! thanks for approving my application! Just send me details of my job and all! I’m sure to have lots of fun!

  4. can someone who is 11 help edit club penguin asia


    Obviously, it states there that we only recruit people 10 years old, and ABOVE. So, if you are 11, you are very much welcome and eligible to try and join the CPA team! Ü…


  5. so what do i do again now that youve aloud ,e into the site the site?

    You may now create & edit entries/articles here on the website. Just log-in, after that, you can already see that Club Penguin Asia is shown as one of your websites. Thanks! Ü

  6. Does everyone get in?

  7. I dont get what you mean when you said “you news/event/happening resources…”

  8. Only those who are eligible, responsible & loyal enough, gets in.

  9. i want to become a moderator

  10. i want to b a editor. i think i can b an editor because im loyal a trustworty and i know alot about computers. im a member im over ten im on clubpenguin like 20 times a week and i been in clubpenguin for 100 days.
    so plzzzzzz pick me!!!!!!!

  11. Heya, Can I join?

    I meet all the qualifications, except, I have my own site. So what can I do?

  12. You may always try and apply for a position on our team by following the procedures above then e-mailing us at clubpenguinasia@hotmail.com 🙂

    ~ Black Cereal ^_^

  13. Hey! uh… Can still have a place here? or u dont recruit anymore.. But if you still recruit. I will email you right away!

    P.S. Answer by editing this comment

  14. hey!do u still post here?

  15. ok my penguin is 800 days old i am a beta tester i am 15 years of age i have had websites before and deleted them with about 1,000,000 views i will help yall so email me back thxs

    Keep it real

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